U Thant

Disparu mais pas oublié

Troisième Secrétaire général de l’Organisation des Nations Unies de 1961 à 1971. 

Hearing of NUG cabinet members at French Senate Foreign commission (30.06.2021)

M. Christian Cambon, President of Foreign Affairs commission at the Senate

NUG recognition : – We do not have any intention to collaborate with the junta and NUG is our only interlocutor. – The resolution will soon be discussed and voted, I hope this will be unanimity. – We, Parliament members, to insist and urge firmly to French government to take this decision. We know that NUG needs international recognition.

TotalEnergies and sanctions : – Some actions were taken by Total but we are aware that it is not enough. We will see with president of Senate which initiatives to be taken to be more efficacious.

UNSC : We will work at UNSC with our correspondants in China

Humanitarian help : – Please give us concrete elements (food and health support including covid) and actions through transborder route without passing through the junta We will be in contact with NUG and are at your entire disposition.

Mme. Joelle Garriaud-Maylam (president of Myanmar France friendship group)

We cannot support the junta, we should recognise NUG and TotalEnergies should get involved in actions / finding solutions. Not only at lower and upper houses, but also within the french government, despite different opinions, a lot of people are mobilised to get the NUG recognition.

M. Pascal Allizard (VP of the commission, who submitted the resolution)

The resolution was cosigned by more than 150 senators. The resolution will soon be discussed at the Senat.